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Welcoming the delegates for the Chapter

The delegates were welcomed at the JMJ Provincialate Portico, Raipur, for the commencement of the extraordinary Provincial Chapter. The solemn prayer service began at the portico by the Liturgy committee. The president Rev. Sr. Rosily Abraham welcomed al the delegates with welcome card and the delegates were asked to gather before the holy family to sing the JMJ Anthem, and to take the blessings.

Thereafter all of them proceeded in procession to the Chapel. The prayer was continued with the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament by Rev. Sr. Rosily Abraham.

Dharma Chakra: The 24 delegates were compared with 24 prophets appear in Israel before the arrival of the Jesus Christ, the pure Gold is as 24 carats gold and Dharma Chakra was taken as a symbol representing 24 delegates. All the delegates were invited to take a spoke which signifies the prominent quality of a person and were asked to fix it in the wheel. Subsequently Rev. Sr. Rosily Abraham rolled the wheel towards the altar and placed it before the Lord commending this great Endeavour namely the extraordinary provincial chapter, in to the hands of Him that he may lead everyone according to his plan.




At the conclusion of the prayer Sr. Rosily Abraham once again welcomed and briefed the preparatory programme. Rev. Fr. Varkey Perekkatt S.J. the Chapter Guide was welcomed and introduced to the gathering at the eve of the day.