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Today was a day of Prayer, Silence and Recollection. We started the day with a meaningful Holy Mass. Rev.Fr. Varkey SJ enlightened our inner selves to have childlike confidence in the Lord. And remain simple and pure and have a change of attitude. The days focus was extracted from Matthew chapter 11,

“My yoke is easy, my burden light”

The yoke is a symbol of burden. How then does it become easy ??? 

When it comes to a person’s calling or vocation in life, i.e., the “yoke,” each is individually tailor-made by God. Every calling is burdensome, but because the yoke is given to the individual by God and when a person accepts her vocation, she gains a sense of purpose and determination, which makes the yoke lighter.  God endows the grace to carry the load, and renews it day after day, which naturally makes the burden lighter, especially as love of God is at intersection vertically with the love of neighbour.

Having spent the day in prayer and solitude, the last hour was given for the group sharing based on the areas where each one of us experienced the need for personal conversion.