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Acknowledging the presence of the supreme God and for the gift of new life, the members gathered in the House of God to magnify the Lord. Fr. Varkey Perekkatt SJ in his homily enthused the members saying that God sent us into this world with a purpose which needs to be realized in our day today life. Called to Work in his vineyard, one is expected render selfless service while being happy, generous and contended to be faithful and fruitful in our commitment to the Lord. 

Fr. VarkeyPerekkatt SJ thanked the Lord for accompanying the delegates through the journey of the Chapter along with the words of psalmist “I give thanks to You O’ Lord for your steadfast love and faithfulness”.  The Chapter guide stirred us to have a gentle look at the past with gratitude and recognize the hand of God in all that we have achieved and ask His special grace in order to make a concrete action plan for the New Congregation. The Priorities were taken up one by one for discussion and it was approved unanimously by the assembly.