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Being a day rightly set ahead for the affirmation of proposed Constitution of our new   Congregation the Chapter guide Fr. Varkey Perekkatt emphasized the importance of the Holy Eucharist which has found an important mention in our constitutions as well. Yesterday’s Holy Eucharist thus kept buzzing in our hearts with the echo ‘the Holy Eucharist should be the centre of our lives, from where we draw inspiration and strength to live our lives as per the spirit and charism of our Society’


We invoked the blessings of the Lord amidst us through a beautiful journey of the growth and development of the Society of Jesus Mary Joseph. The seed that was conceived by Rev. Fr. Mathias Wolff in 1821 got itself transformed into sprout , a beautiful shoot, a little sapling, a wonderful plant, and to a magnificent  tree with manifold fruits.


The rich treasure lay hidden in the preamble of our Constitutions was used as exhortations by the chapter guide to inspire and motivate the sisters in  living the  Spirit and charism that is handed down to us by our Founder.


The day proceeded with the affirmation of the proposed Constitution and Statutes of Congregation of Jesus Mary Joseph – India/Ghana. The proposed constitutions and the statutes were affirmed by the delegates unanimously after minor corrections.

The chapter Delegates thanked the General Council and the Constitution committee for their meticulous work in articulating the proposed constitutions.