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The day dawned by setting us on right track as Fr. Varkey Perekkatt inspired us through the Holy Eucharist by saying “ Without a penchant we should be ready to leave the past to launch into the future.”


Fr. Varkey Perekkatt encouraged the floor to rejoice in the Lord always, and not to be anxious but depend on the powerful, providential care of God and prayerfully expressed his desire that the Lord may continue to inspire us in carrying on His mission.


Rev.Sr.Rosily Abraham, the Provincial Superior presented the Report of the Province Administration 2011-2017, in a very comprehensive way using innovative method of presentation. Then the members studied the report personally and in groups and discussed about it during the plenary session.

Rev.Sr. Ancy Arackal, the Province Procurator,  presented the Province Finance Report for the Period 2010-2016.  The report was assessed systematically based on Financial Resources, Financial Management, Accounting System, Financial Administration and Attitudinal Aspects in the actualization of  Finance in the Province. Then the members studied the report personally  and appreciated the team for the meticulous work  in bringing the progress in the administration and finance.