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History :
Year of Establishment :1975
Pioneering Sisters :  Sr. Angela D’Souza
Sr. Denis Thattaparampil
Need of the time : : The emancipation  of people of Rajnandgaon by means of Education
Facilitators of the Mission :
His Grace Most. Rev. Philip Ekka, Arch Bishop of Raipur
Rev. Sr. Josepha Rachemalla  and council
Rev. Fr. James Parish Priest of Rajnadgaon
Starting Point : Responding to the need of the time Srs. Angela and Denis came to Rajnandgaon and with the assistance of Fr. James they took a rent house for themselves and began the Mission  of Education in collaboration with the Diocese of Raipur in Weidner School. On 1 May 1977 the Convent was shifted to Weidner School campus and then on 1 February 1979 to the present convent building. In the year 1986 sisters also felt the need to cater to the medical needs of the people.  As a result they  had opened a dispensary and in the year 1996. However we had to close it down as a number of clinics came up in the area. In the year 1991, under the leadership of Sr. Joseph Sarto Irumpen a Hindi Medium School with Nursery section was opened and was upgraded every year up to class X. In the year 1993 we got permission from Most. Rev. Joseph Augustine to open Pre- Primary English Medium School. After continuous requests we got permission to upgrade the classes one in a year. Due to less number of Admissions we had to close down the Hindi Medium school in the year 2010. Sisters collectively work to make the students right thinkers and correct decision makers.

Present status: English Medium School from Nursery to Class X and is affiliated to the Central Board having the strength about 510 students.
Challenges: To give Christian and Value based Education in the competitive world of Globalization.
Chronology of the Animators :
Sr. Angela D’Souza ( 1975-78)
Sr. Rani Pudota       ( 1978-83 )
Sr. Herman Joseph ( 1983-86 )
Sr. Francis of Assisi ( 1986-89)
Sr. Treasa Joseph    (1989-90)
Sr. Joseph Sarto Irumpen ( 1990-94)
Sr. Victoria Kerketta ( 1994-97 )
Sr. Imelda Kuttikat ( 1997-2003)
Sr. Rufina Appadan ( 2003- 09 )
Sr. Hilary Chetalan ( 2009-10 )
Sr. Judith Thattaparampil ( 2010-12)
Sr. Mariam Jojo  ( 2012 -   )