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History :
Year of  Establishment : 1985
Pioneering Sisters : Sr. Fedelis Manjali
Sr.Jerome Ukkan
Sr. Fabiana Kavungal
Need of the time : To educate the young girls in the healing ministry of Jesus. Facilitators of the Mission :
Telco Company
Most Rev. Late Joseph Rodericks, Bishop of Jamshedpur
Rev. Sr. Anna maria Gali and Council
Starting Point : The TATA Company has a hospital for its employees since 1969. The authorities of the company felt the great need to have well trained, dedicated and skilled personnel to deliver nursing care to the sick. In this context they approached the then Bishop of Jamshedpur with great faith in the unconditional services of the Church. With the request of the Bishop, the sisters started the Jeevan Jyothi School of Nursing in the year 1986 to set a standard in the Nursing Profession by preparing skilled and were trained nurses to deliver quality nursing care in the hospital and underprivileged in the community.
Present Status :
Chronology of the Animators :
Sr. Jerome Ukkan ( 1990-93 )
Sr. Fidelis Manjali ( 1993- 98 )
Sr. Rose Mary Maddineni ( 1998-2001 )
Sr. Fidelis Manjali ( 2001-07 )
Sr. Jean Mary ( 2007 -10)
Sr. Heleena Galleli ( 2010)