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1. History: -
Year of establishment   31- 10- 1987
Need of the time:- Giving quality education to the poor girls and boys and preparing them to face future with dignity and honour
Facilitators of the Mission :
Jesuit fathers of St. Xavier’s Doranda.
Rev.Sr.Josapha & Council
Rev.Sr.Anna Maria & Council               
J. M. J. sisters, teachers,    
  Starting point- In January 1978The priests of St. Xavier’s School Doranda, Ranchi requested Sister Josepha Rachamalla, the then Provincial Superior, for some sisters to look after their Primary Section. The request was complied with and  two Sisters were sent in 1978 to collaborate with the Jesuits. Thus started the entry of JMJ’S in Ranchi.
WHY ACCEPTED- The JMJ’S were looking forward for an opportunity to extend their apostolic labours to the backward mission areas in the North. To be present where there is a real need of J.M.J. Sisters services and to be helped at all levels. Sisters saw scope for evangelization directly and indirectly through Education  apostolate.

 Present Status:-Number of Students 1435
Teachers 30, Christian students 327
Achievements:-Celebrated Silver Jubilee on 29-11 -2012, Permanent   recognition from H.R.D.
Challenges-It is a great challenge to up-lift the Poor and the Marginalized.
Chronology of the Animators :
Sr.  Joseta Gopu  ( 1981-85 )
Sr. Rufina Appadan ( 1985-88 )
Sr. Dionysia Elanjikulam ( 1988-89 )                                               
Sr.Denis Thattaparampil ( 1989-99 )
Sr. Amrit Minj  (1999-2002 )
Sr. Judith Thattaparampil ( 2002-05 )
Sr. Jacintha Guria ( 2005-08 )
Sr.   Albina) Minj ( 2008-12