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Year of Establishment : 2002
Pioneering Sisters :    Sr. Mary Thomas Vadakumpadan ( Doctor )
Sr. Anastacia Xess ( Staff Nurse )
Sr. Prathibha Kamsalapati ( Pharmacist )
Challenges :To be  witnesses to Gospel values of love, service and compassion in a predominantly Hindu Pilgrimage centre through the Medical care for the lower middle class.
Facilitators of the Mission :
Most Rev. Patrick D’Souza, Bishop of Varanasi
Rev. Sr. Innamma Yeruva and Council
Starting point : in response to the request of the Bishop the JMJ Sisters decided to collaborate with the Diocese of Varanasi and our sisters courageously set foot there, in July 2002. Our sisters slowly got themselves inserted into the culture of Varanasi and adapted to the new set up, people and place. The sisters’ dedication, commitment, unflinching determination to render service to the sick with tender love and compassion are highly Appreciated by the people.
Present status : Hospital and School of Nursing
Chronology of the Animators :
Sr. Prathibha Kamsalapati