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The mission in Australia began in 1961 with three Dutch missionaries.  The beginning of 1973 sisters Rani Pudota and Theresa Koreth worked for four years and later Srs. Josephine Gopu and Gertrude Bandanadham replaced them for the next four years.
It was a beautiful experience that the Dutch Sisters living together with the Indian sisters and getting enriched by each other's culture.
During the ensuing years, a rapid change occurred in the Catholic education system in Australia. More and more Catholic lay people became equipped and fully qualified for teaching and for other works. In the course of the years, many Dutch sisters who were in Australia went back to Holland and they had to close down their convents, due to sudden drop in Vocations to the Society and increase in aging sisters. Accordingly, the JMJ sisters gradually phased out from Australia and returned to their mother land to continue the Lord's work there. Thus the history of JMJ in Australia was closed by the end of 1982.