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History :
Year of  Establishment   :  July 1968
Pioneering  Sisters :         Sr. Elizabeth Basani
Sr. Rosalie Joseph
Sr. Joseta Gopu
Objective  :   Through the apostolate of Education, to instill Christian values in children at a very impressionable age.
Facilitators of the Mission :
Rev. Mgr. J. Weidner SAC Prefect Apostolic of Raipur
Rev. Fr. D’Moulder S.J.
Rev. Sr. Ferdinando  Klassen  and Council
Starting Point : Rev. Fr. Mgr. J.Weidner and Fr. D’Meoulder S.J. invited JMJ Sisters to attend the dire need for Education to the residents of Tatiband and the surrounding area. Sisters without much delay availed themselves and were accommodated in the Parish house and started their work. In the course of time sisters could build a full fledged Hr. Sec. School of Hindi & English media and a convent. As the years passed  sisters felt the need to adapt the drop out children from nearby slum area. That was another mile stone that sisters succeeded in the field of education to empower the marginalized.  Care and concern for the people through family apostolate  was also undertaken by the community to sow the seed of Word of God.
Present Status :  Higher Secondary in Hindi & English Media
Dew drop School
Challenges : To meet the new trends in education and to prepare students to meet the challenges of the present competitive world.
Chronology of Animators:
Sr. Elizabeth Basani ( 1968-73 )
Sr. Cyril                  ( 1973-76 )
Sr. Charles Nagothu  ( 1976-82 )
Sr. Wenceslas  Attupuram ( 1980-82 )
Sr. Chantal sikka  ( 1982-85 )             
Sr. Imelda Kuttikat  ( 1985-1991 )
Sr. Judith Thattaparambil ( 1991-97 )
Sr. Felix Choondal ( 1997-98 )
Sr. John Vianney ( 1998- 2002 )
Sr. Annese Madan ( 2002- 11 )
Sr. Felix Choondal ( 2011-  )